Examples of how to reuse your empty plastic containers (and reduce your waste)

Are you through with that container of cooking oil, or margarine or spices? Do not throw it away. Instead find other uses for it. Some of the areas these containers can be useful to you are:

  • Storing items in the house: From storing excess food in the fridge to being storage areas for cereals, sugar and detergents you buy; plastic containers can store a wide variety of items in the house. They help you save space while making your pantry and kitchen cabinets organized. This makes it easier to know where everything is. You can also organize your desk drawers by storing assorted items like pins, buttons, keys and pens in different containers in your desk.
  • Shopping: Virtually all supermarkets and shops around us have options for buying food items like cereals, milk, fruits, vegetables and cooking oil unpacked. So, taking with you, whenever you go shopping, the containers and bottles in the house to use as reusable packaging for those items reduces the amount of single use plastic packaging that comes into your home. It also saves you money on your shopping as the items being bought will be cheaper than their packed counterparts.
  • Carrying and Delivering: You want to pack some food for your guests to carry with them as they leave? Your containers will come in handy. You want to save money by carrying packed lunch? Again, your containers will sort you out. You can use the containers for donating and delivering food, carrying assorted food and non-food items for camping, and even picnics. This saves you money on buying empty packaging containers to use.
  • Potted plants: If you love having plants by the windowsill in the house, plastic containers can be used very well to do that. They are lightweight and durable. They come in several shapes, sizes and colours giving you a wide variety of choices to play around with in decorating your windowsill or that corner of the room you like.
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