Waste Management

Waste Collection

We have been waste collectors for the past fourteen years serving four different counties (Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos and Kajiado).
With this, we collect 25 tonnes of waste daily and recycle upto 85% of the total waste due to the help of our improved systems of waste management and also through educating and bringing awareness to those who we provide service to on how to sort out waste to bring about the higher rate of recycling the collectables.

1. Scheduling 
We have a scheduling system in place depending on the frequency of when our client would like their waste to be collected. Our team gets to be punctual enough to come and collect the waste and provide a clean space.

2. Collection
On the scheduled day, our waste collection teams pick the waste from designated locations, such as residential curbsides and commercial bins.

3. Transport
The collected waste is then transported to our material recovery facility.

4. Processing
At our material recovery facility(MRF), the team at base receives the waste and sorts it out into plastic, glass, paper, metal, aluminum, fabric and compost. 
Recyclables are processed for reuse, organic materials are turned into compost and biogas while non-recyclable waste is carefully disposed of to minimize environmental impact.

5. Reporting
We keep track of the amount and type of waste collected from each and every collection point as well as its destination for proper waste management reporting monthly.

Our end-to-end service gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your waste is put to good use and it does not pollute the environment. Our staff are professional in their garbage pick up, which they do reliably. They always ensure to leave your premises clean.

Sustainability begins with you. Knowing how your waste is handled after it has been collected is an important aspect of taking care of the environment.

Some of the areas we cover
Collection and Recycle of Organic Waste
Collection and Recycle of non-Hazardous Waste
Provision of Garbage Bags and Bins
Waste Recycling
Cleaning and Disinfection of Garbage Storage Areas
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