Post Construction Cleaning

Professional cleaning of your newly completed project

Construction, rebuilding or remodelling of a building results in a lot of debris and dirt. A thorough clean up will, thus, be required before the building can be occupied. Neatworld offers post construction cleaning services to ensure such a building is excellently cleaned and all debris cleared away.

The many years of experience we have in handling all manner of post construction building cleanups means we are quick and efficient. We are able to quickly determine what is required, have a smooth clearly defined work flow and methodically clean all surfaces to the client’s satisfaction.

Work on the spaces you live, work and play in; we will take care of the leftovers, clean the site and make it shine.

Some of the areas we cover
Construction Debris and Trash Removal
Dusting Walls and all Other Surfaces
Shine all Stainless Steel
Polish Floors and Cabinets
Scrub Countertops
Clean Windows
Clean and Sanitize Toilets, Bathrooms and Sinks
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