Tips to Reduce Waste from your Kitchen and Save Money While Doing it

Making a difference in the environment starts from your own home. Small lifestyle changes in our everyday lives can make a huge difference on the environment. It saves you money too! Here are some tips to reduce the amount of garbage from your kitchen.
  • Meal plan to reduce wastage: A huge amount of waste we produce is of the organic kind which, among others, consist of left-over food. A meal plan will help reduce the amount of this left-over food as you will be preparing the exact amount of food for your family with little to no excess. This translates to less left-over food to get rid off saving you money on food budget.
  • Avoid single use plastic packaging: Second to organic waste in the amount of waste we generate and dispose is plastic waste. To reduce this, the first place to look at is single use plastics. Not buying products that come packed in single use plastics will go a long way in reducing your plastic garbage footprint. Such include disposable utensils, napkins and food and drink items like milk, cereals, sugar and cooking oil that come in single use plastic packaging. Consider instead reusable containers.
  • Buy in bulk: Buying in bulk has the advantage of fewer single use packaging plastic from your shopping that you will have to dispose.
  • Shop local: Buying locally, as opposed to going to a supermarket far from where you live, makes it convenient for you to carry your storage containers to be used to pack the items you buy reducing the amount of packaging that you bring into the house. Utilize the milk and cooking oil atms that are now in our neighbourhoods. You can even buy your food items like grains from those at-home businesses of your friends and neighbours. They are convenient and deliver straight to your storage container eliminating the need for additional plastic packaging.
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